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Two Factor Authentication - Protect Your Trading Account

Posted by Tradovate on August 13, 2018 at 4:31 PM

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Trading futures involves assessing and trying to eliminate unnecessary risks to give your trading the best opportunity to profit. Futures traders often spend hours on technical analysis, the best time of day to trade, volume analysis, money management and much more to try to and gain an edge. All of these are prudent as they potentially lower risk.


One risk every trader should spend time on is account security.  At Tradovate we offer several tools to help you keep your account safe. The first tool is two-factor authentication or 2FA. The ultimate nightmare for any trader is to have their username or password compromised.  At Tradovate we offer two-factor authentication. When 2FA is enabled, any new device will need to be authorized by the user before account activity is permitted. Turning on 2FA in Tradovate is quick and easy and we encourage all traders to turn on this feature.


Another feature that can help lower security risks are push notifications. Traders can turn on push notifications and receive notices to their mobile phones for alerts, fill notifications, order status, chats and more. Since Tradovate also offers custom alert building, traders can set an alert if their account changed by numerous factors.


All trading carries risk. We encourage you to find a trading software that helps you navigate some of the external risks with features like two-factor authentication and custom push notifications.


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