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3 Must-Try Features for Advanced Traders

Posted by Tradovate on January 4, 2017 at 5:41 PM



Advanced traders need advanced features in order to make the most of online futures trading. At Tradovate, we have developed important platform features that pack a powerful punch.  This blog explores some of the features Tradovate traders can't live without.


Time-Released Orders On The DOM

Tradovate’s DOM provides the ability to place or cancel an order at or in a specific amount of time, and to manage orders around an event. Let’s explore your order flag toggle.




Trade Directly From Charts To Maximize Efficiency

Did you know Tradovate offers you the ability to trade directly from your charts? We thought you should know about this powerful way to trade.




Use Add-Ons to Enhance Your Results

Experienced futures traders like to use advanced charting, third-party analysis and trading tools, and other add-ons to enhance the platform's power.





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