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Bloomberg US Large Cap Equity Index Futures

Posted by FairX on October 18, 2021 at 8:30 AM

Bloomber US Large Cap Index FuturesA New Way to Manage Risk and Gain Exposure to 500 Corporate Giants


FairX’s Nano and Micro Bloomberg US Large Cap Index Futures (B5 and LB5) provide a cost-effective and efficient way to trade a benchmark that tracks 500 of the largest US companies.

Ranked by market capitalization, the index is highly correlated to the S&P 500® and the broad equities markets with a futures offering built for the retail market. 


Offered in two contract sizes, the B5 Nano and LB5 Micro, our smaller-sized contracts are designed to make trading more accessible to individual traders with Nano notional values under $3,000.


B5 Nano vs B5 Micro 

Both our Nano and Micro products track the same Bloomberg index and trade from 6pm to 5pm ET providing tight spreads and deep liquidity round-the clock.


The Nano contract tracks at a smaller index value of ~23 points, while the larger, Micro product tracks an index value of ~2,300 points. This makes it easy to distinguish between the two products while maintaining simple multipliers and tick values that are both equal to $1.


The Nano was designed to look and feel like an ETF. Small in size, trading in penny increments that are easy to understand, offering ‘bite sized’ exposure to the market. 


The Micro product is exactly 10 times larger than the Nano product and $10 multiplier for a notional of ~$23,000.

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More about FairX

FairX was founded in collaboration with leading industry participants to deliver futures products that meet the needs of active retail traders globally.

Launched in June, our markets offer round-the-clock trading in products designed to be accessible, with straightforward multipliers, tick increments and smaller notional sizes than competing micro products. 

We’re bringing low-cost access to highly correlated benchmarks, sized right to offer exposure to liquid benchmarks in a straightforward way. 


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