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Breaking Boundaries: A New Way to Trade Corporate Giants

Posted by Tradovate on October 14, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Fairx webinar - Register TodayFairX Bloomberg US Large Cap Index Futures Webinar

Join Tradovate & FairX for a webinar on Thursday, October 21st @ 12:30pm EST



Learn how you can manage risk and gain exposure to 500 of the largest US companies through the Nano and Micro Bloomberg US Large Cap Index Futures. Boris Ilyevsky, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at FairX will breakdown the benefits of these contracts and how they are making futures markets more accessible.


Join us for an interactive session with Boris Ilyevsky, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at FairX where you will learn about the benefits and features of these new Futures products.


In This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • The products, their benefits and why retail traders are trading them
  • It’s correlation to the S&P 500®
  • How they compare to the competition
  • The differences between the Nano and Micro contract


Boris Ilyevsky Headshot Instructor: Boris Ilyevsky, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, FairX

Boris has spent his career in equity derivatives, helping build and run electronic options exchanges and lead product, sales, and operating teams.

He was an early employee at ISE, the first US electronic options market for 17 years, through demutualization, an IPO, and two mergers. He loves market structure, enjoys working on new products and relationship building.


More about FairX

FairX was founded in collaboration with leading industry participants to deliver futures products that meet the needs of active retail traders globally.

Launched in June, our markets offer round-the-clock trading in products designed to be accessible, with straightforward multipliers, tick increments and smaller notional sizes than competing micro products. 

We’re bringing low-cost access to highly correlated benchmarks, sized right to offer exposure to liquid benchmarks in a straightforward way. 


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