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Gain Exposure to European Markets with New Smaller Size Futures

Posted by Tradovate on April 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Eurex Micro Products -April 2021-1

Eurex Launches New Micro Futures Contracts | Micro-EURO STOXX 50® & Micro-DAX®

Eurex launched trading for 3 new Micro contracts on April 19th, Micro-EURO STOXX 50®, Micro-DAX® and Micro SMI® Futures. These products are highly liquid benchmark products, and according to Eurex, have an average daily volume of EUR 43.81 billion, EUR 29.86 billion, CHF 5.22 billion in 2020 respectively. You will be able to trade Micro-EURO STOXX 50® & Micro-DAX® products at Tradovate.

New Smaller Micro-Sized Futures

These contracts are designed to trade in parallel to their full contract counterparts and are at least 10 times smaller than the full size contract and five times smaller than the mini contracts. For example, tick size for the regular DAX contract is EUR 25, for the Mini it is EUR 5 and the Micro is EUR 1. This gives you a new option to include these European markets in your trading strategy.

Cost-Efficient Way to Access European Markets

These new Micro futures contracts give traders additional opportunities to trade in these markets, at a lower upfront cost, allowing you to hedge and gain exposure to these European benchmark indexes. Micro futures have a lower daily margin rate which makes them more cost-efficient than the full contracts. So whether you have a large or small portfolio size, these new contracts give you another way to get into the futures market.

Extended Trading Creates Additional Opportunities for Liquidity

EURO STOXX 50®, DAX®, SMI® Futures are three of the most liquid equity index futures in Europe. They extended hours of trading to include Asian markets, which allows traders from around the globe an opportunity to participate in their local time zone.

Tick Values for Regular, Mini & Micro Contracts


Tick Value

Regular Contract

Mini Contract

Micro Contract


EUR 25




EUR 10


EUR 0.5


CHF 10




Trade New Eurex Micro-Euro Stoxx 50

& Micro-Dax  Futures at Tradovate

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