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Posted by Tradovate on January 2, 2017 at 6:17 PM



Tradovate's cloud-based trading format means you can trade from any device anywhere there's internet. There are three ways to access Tradovate. Whether you want to customize your workspace with the desktop version, stay connected with our web application, or go fully mobile with our smartphone app, Tradovate has the right option for you. 


Read on for details and links to each platform type, and get started with Tradovate today.



Get Started With Tradovate: Choose Your Platform Type




If you work with multiple monitors, want independent windows, and need to maximize layout space, you'll want to try the desktop version of Tradovate first. We have created Desktop apps that are available for both Windows and Mac, so you wont ever have to fall behind on your trading. 




If you prefer to do all of your trading on online, our web version can be accessed across multiple computers, and on any device with a web browser. Regardless of your choice Tradovate allows you to stay on top of your futures trades anywhere, anytime. 




Enjoy full-platform functionality on your smartphone or tablet, and enjoy the freedom of trading from anywhere.  Simply download the Tradovate app on the App Store, or Google Play and log in.




 Tradovate Free Two Week Demo




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