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Holiday Weekends - Time for Rest, Relaxation and Market Replay

Posted by Tradovate on March 29, 2018 at 10:19 AM

Loging with Market Replay


Tradovate’s Market Replay allows traders to play back a previous trading session to watch the market action using Tradovate’s charts and quotes. Plus, it can facilitate simulated trades using Tradovate’s DOM, chart trading, order ticket, and third-party add-on tools. The playback function uses unfiltered tick data and provides full market depth, so traders can see exactly what was happening with every tick in the limit order book when the market moved and trade it.


Holiday Weekends and the Markets are Closed - Use Tradovate Market Replay to Study and Learn

The futures market rarely close and traders are afforded the ability to trade the global markets from Sunday evening through the close of business on Friday. Rarely do futures markets close, but when they do for holidays or weekends, Tradovate's Market Replay is a great tool to use to continue to learn and refine strategies. 


Tradovate's Market Replay is easy to use with a simple login. There are no bulky downloads or time wasted configuring data to be viewed. Tradovate's Market Replay is cloud-based and on-demand. Just select the day you want to display, the funds you would like in your account, and the speed to play it back. It is that simple and you will be able to view and trade in simulation the time period you selected. Tradovate offers full market depth so if you are working our advanced volume studies all the data is there for your analysis. 


Whatever market information you find important, you can go back to watch it as many times as you would like, and place trades using all the strategies you want with Tradovate’s Market Replay.


 Key Benefits of Market Replay


  1. Practice: Do you ever wish that you could wind back the clock to test something out before you actually did it? With Tradovate’s Market Replay, you can do precisely that. Get in all the practice time you need, so you are well-prepared when real-money is at risk.
  2. Convenience: Want to trade in the afternoon, but missed the morning session? With Market Replay, you can replay the morning at 400% speed, and get caught up on the action. Use Market Replay to bend the markets to your schedule. Unlike real-time simulated and live trading, the market doesn’t need to be open for you to watch what is happening.
  3. On-Demand: With Tradovate, there is no bulky data download, so you can get started in just a couple clicks without having to worry about it freezing your computer. Tight on time? No problem. You can play back in actual time to see price action as it actually happened, or use fast-forward speed to get in your analysis quickly.


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