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Key Features of Our Active and Advanced Plans

Posted by Tradovate on March 2, 2017 at 2:13 PM

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Tradovate’s membership-based model, which combines our brokerage and proprietary trading technology into a single service, is pretty unique in the futures trading world. Think Netflix for futures traders. We have spent a lot of time crafting membership plans that fit traders of all different experience levels, so that you get a fantastic value through robust software, no matter how much you trade. Our platform allows members to power futures trading from any device, and our commission-free pricing philosophy can really impacts the bottom line.


If you’re an Essential member, and you’re ready to turn up the dial, here are three key benefits of our Active membership to consider.


Trade All the Contracts You Want


Some traders like to learn futures by trading one contract at a time while they get used to how futures trade. Other traders like to learn by focusing on single market, making our Essential plan, which has a one contract position limit, a great place to start. Once these traders hit their stride and want to either up their trade size or start trading multiple markets at the same time, they upgrade to our Active and Advanced plans where there is no limit to the position size. With Active, your trade size can be bumped up to whatever the available margin in the trading account can support.


Free Up Your Time with Market Replay


We deal in commodities trading, so we understand that time may be the most precious commodity of all. Savvy traders like you make the most of their time by learning the markets and advancing trading skills whenever their schedule permits. You can study over weekends, in the evenings, or whenever you have free time with Tradovate’s market replay add-on.


Use market replay to play back a previous trading session on-demand, in actual time or at fast-forward speed, to see every tick traded with full market depth. Trade in simulation using all of Tradovate’s modules and third party add-ons. Put time back into your day by getting in all the practice you need on your terms.


Practice Your Trading in Real-Time Simulation


Trading can be like sports where there are tons of strategies and tactics that can make the difference between a win or a loss. Whatever your sport, you would probably never wait until the crowd has arrived and you are facing the other team to actually test out your game plan. You would do that in practice, working on executing your plan flawlessly while making it feel like an actual game. Likewise, traders test out new strategies and fine-tune existing strategies by trying to make the conditions as real as they can while practicing without risking a win or a loss.

Enter real-time simulated trading with Tradovate, which allows you to practice with the same unfiltered tick market data and the same trading platform that you use for live trading without risking any actual capital. There is no logging out and logging back in or partially functional software to deal with. Simply switch account numbers with a couple clicks, and customize the account balance to the exact balance you want to get in all of the real-time practice that you need.


Upgrading to Active is Easy

Upgrades from Essential to Active are painless, and only take a couple of clicks. The unused amount of time remaining on your Essential plan gets credited automatically, so get started today by unlocking everything that Tradovate has to offer active futures traders like you.


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