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Managing Volatility with Multiple Bracket Orders

Posted by Tradovate on June 23, 2017 at 8:57 AM

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Tradovate's Multiple Brackets allow traders to manage orders with up to ten unique profit and stop levels.


When volatility picks up, futures prices can move rapidly in your direction or against your position. Many traders like to use multiple bracket orders to manage both their profit target as well as their risk with a stop-loss. 


With Tradovate's multiple brackets you can now manage up to 10 unique profit and stop-loss levels (including trailing stops). In addition, each leg is customizable to include only a profit or stop-loss level. With the ability to name your bracket and select it for trading, the combinations are endless.


With Tradovate, the multiple bracket orders are held server side as opposed to the local device. This gives you the comfort that even if your local machine, tablet or phone fails, these multiple brackets will still be working for your account.


Trading fast markets can be challenging so we encourage you to try our multiple brackets today!



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