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Nano Ether Futures: Right-Sized for the Individual Trader

Posted by Tradovate on September 1, 2022 at 10:16 AM

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Nano Ether Futures have arrived and Tradovate has paved the way for you to be among the first to take advantage of this new offering.   


Both Ether investors and speculators can now trade this innovative derivative that’s sized just right for the retail trader.  In addition, Tradovate users can trade Nano Ether commission-free* with $0 market data fees and only $25 day trading margins.


With Crypto making the financial news every day, especially regarding the major digital currencies, the futures markets now offer a brand-new way to get in the game. Join in and participate in trading Ether with all of the added benefits futures provide. 


Nano Ether Futures – Why They Should Matter to Every Trader 


1/10th the size of Ether

With a smaller contract size, Nano Ether Futures have been specifically designed for the individual trader providing an easy and cost-efficient way to participate in the popular Ether marketplace. Trade Nano Ether Futures with only $25 day trade margins per contract.  And remember, the smaller size allows for you to finely customize your level of opportunity and risk as it relates to the Ether coin. 


Trading means being able to go both long and short… quickly and easily

Trading requires the ability to quickly and easily trade either side of an asset.  In other words, if you think the price of Ether is going up, use Nano Ether Futures to go long by buying contracts.  If you think Ether is going down, go short with Nano Ether Futures by selling contracts.  It’s that easy. And while going short is not always as easy with other asset classes, trading futures means there are no day-trading balance requirements, no uptick rule and no short-selling restrictions. 

Trade a regulated product in a regulated marketplace

When you’re trading your money, you’d better know the facts.  Here’s one to note… The buying and selling of the actual Ether coin, or any cryptocurrency, for that matter, is not regulated, and doesn’t take place on a centralized market.  Meanwhile, Nano Ether Futures trading and the contracts themselves are regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to ensure competitive and efficient markets and the protection of investors against manipulation, abusive trade practices, and fraud.


Trade with Price Discovery & Transparency

Trading crypto, like Ether, on unregulated crypto exchanges, fails to provide an element critical to traders: Price Discovery.  Defined, price discovery is the act of determining a fair price for an asset or commodity. It is the central function to an efficient marketplace.  This means all traders across the globe see the same bid and ask prices simultaneously when trading Nano Ether Futures. 

Using Futures as Insurance

The trading tactic known as hedging, is a tool in every futures trader’s toolbox.  Hedging is a form of insurance; using futures contracts to “hedge” existing positions in other asset classes.  If you own the Ether coin, you could use Nano Ether Futures to insure your existing Ether position.  For example, let’s say you think the price of Ether will drop over the coming days or weeks.  Just sell some Nano Ether Futures contracts representing the amount of the Ether coin you own.  When the price of Ether drops, the short futures contracts rise in value and hedge your existing position in the Ether coin.  Hedging… one of the benefits of futures.  Please note that this example simply illustrates the concept of hedging.  There are many real-world variables to consider.  Hedging with futures does not eliminate risk, it is a method that provides for the management of risk.


Tradovate gives you the tools you need to buy, sell and trade Nano Ether Futures anywhere, anytime and on any device. 


Ready to Trade Nano Ether Futures? Open an Account Today 


*For Coinbase Derivatives futures products, Tradovate, LLC will not charge a commission. Exchange, clearing and NFA fees still apply. 


Trading virtual currency derivatives have a variety of unique and potentially significant risks. Please read our full Virtual Currency Transaction Disclosures & Risk Disclosure Statement for Virtual Currency Futures prior to any virtual currency trading. 


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