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Rich Platform Features for Advanced Traders

Posted by Tradovate on January 9, 2017 at 4:58 PM



Before we started Tradovate, we were advanced traders ourselves, so we know that a customizable trading platform with rich features can make the difference for traders like you. Trailing stops,  links to quotes and rolling the contract month are all features included with Tradovate. Try them out as you continue through your demo. ALl the info is below.



Trailing Stops For Advanced Traders

Want to automatically move your protective stop when the market moves in your favor? Trailing stops are available within the Tradovate platform. Explore your settings to configure yours today.




Link to Quotes in the DOM & Automatically Change Symbols

Want to have Tradovate automatically change symbols without having to open a new DOM and enter the new contract? Set up your links to quotes, and try it for yourself.


Rolling the Contract Month

Since futures contracts expire, and some contracts have twelve listings a year, updating the symbol in the quote module is essential. Tradovate makes it easy to roll the contract month.



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