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Stay Connected with Tradovate Push Notifications

Posted by Tradovate on April 21, 2017 at 2:05 PM




Tradovate’s Push Notifications give traders the ability to stay connected to market activity receiving alerts to their favorite mobile device.


Passionate traders enjoy sitting in-front of multiple monitors all day evaluating and trading markets without ever leaving their desk. However, sometime life happens. We have all been there, you put on a big trade and suddenly you realize you need to be across town for a meeting. No problem, with Tradovate’s mobile apps and push notifications you can now stay connected with the markets and your trading activity.  


With Tradovate's Push Notifications, traders can stay connected and informed while on the go receiving push notifications to their favorite mobile device.  


Now included in Tradovate traders have access to receive push notifications for: custom created alerts for a variety of account, trade and price conditions, chat communications with the trade desk or support and order status alerts including working, canceled, filled and rejected statuses.


Setup is easy and once you have installed Tradovate’s mobile app for iOS or Android you can customize the alerts settings and begin receiving the alerts you want to see.  



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