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The Evolution of Mobile Trading

Posted by Brian Lund on December 10, 2015 at 11:00 AM
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For most of my career, being a trader meant being chained to your desk during market hours as it was virtually impossible to put on a trade on, actively manage it, or exit unless you were physically at your computer.  

It was not an exaggeration to say that you were a prisoner to the market as long as you had an open position.


And despite the promises that came like clockwork year after year, claiming that you would soon be able to trade from anywhere in the world, it wasn't even remotely possible to trade on the go until the last ten years or so.


And though it was possible, it was far from optimal. It took real guts - some might say stupidity - to trust those early smartphones and rudimentary mobile trading platforms to perform as expected. I know this from experience.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was required to be away from my trading desk during a significant portion of 2008 – a time when the market experienced once in a generation type volatility. Day after day I was forced to try and manage my positions with a Palm Treo, the gold standard of smartphones at the time.


To say it was a nerve racking year would be an understatement.


But today things are different, as a whole new generation that lives on their phones, trades on their phones, sometimes to the exclusion of their desktop computer. Fortunately, technology is different today as well.


Cloud based solutions have taken software platforms and made them seamlessly accessible across desktop, tablet, and mobile, enabling users to initiate an action on one device and pick up right where they left off on another.  


That is exactly the trading ecosphere my friends at Tradovate are creating for active futures traders.

Tradovate’s new platform is designed for an uninterrupted trading experience, no matter where you are, what you are doing, or what devices you are using.


But even the most technologically advanced trading platform won't do you any good if it can't provide context around the market, which is why Tradovate is integrating news and data to make its platform as robust and comprehensive as possible.


There is no doubt that the optimal setup for most traders is still the desktop, where the amount of available screen real estate allows you to indulge in as much analysis as you want. But in this fast paced world, it is nice to know that if you have to be away from your desk, you can be confident that you can stay in touch with the market with a platform like Tradovate's.


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