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Tradovate - Too Good to Be True?

Posted by Rick Tomsic on May 11, 2016 at 8:30 AM
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Wow. What an amazing response we have received to the launch of Tradovate. We appreciate all the emails, chats, tweets and questions we have received about Tradovate. The common question we are getting is “this sounds too good to be true; is Tradovate for real?”


Tradovate is for real. We are the combination of a brokerage firm and a technology firm. This is the key to delivering a streamlined solution for futures traders. Many traders are accustomed to finding software to trade on and then finding a brokerage firm to work with. We understand this concept but think about it. Both the technology company and the brokerage company need to make money. Who is paying the bill? You are. To make a profit the software company has to charge a subscription fee, a routing fee per trade or both and the brokerage company charges a commission on every contract you trade so you are paying twice. In many cases if you want a mobile solution to add to your trading software you have to use yet another third party vendor and pay yet another routing fee. Say what?


Tradovate combines both brokerage and technology in one integrated solution. Furthermore, we don’t charge for our cloud based system that includes a download, web, tablet, Android and iOS mobile. To make it even better we don’t charge per trade like a traditional brokerage model. For a flat membership fee you get the software and unlimited trading commission free (standard exchange, NFA and clearing fees apply). Can you imagine if Netflix charged you for everything you watched? It would be very expensive. So they charge a flat fee membership and you can stream as many movies and shows as you like. With the Tradovate membership you can trade unlimited.


Membership also comes with simulated trading. Futures trading is not easy and sometimes you need to regroup and try a new strategy. Traditional brokerage firms do not want you to trade in simulation. This make perfect sense as if you don’t trade with real money they don’t make any money. With a Tradovate membership, if you want to trade live great! If you want to take time to test a new strategy in simulation, great! You are a member, you can do either.


We could go on but you have to check us out for yourself. You can visit and learn all about us. If you are ready to try the Tradovate free trial go to . Either way you owe it to yourself to check this out.


Happy trading.

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