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What Do Tradovate Members Think?

Posted by Tradovate on March 2, 2017 at 3:56 PM



Active futures traders are smart, and they demand a lot from the software they choose to trust with their hard-earned capital. In creating Tradovate, our mission was to give savvy traders everything they need in a futures trading platform. We take our job of delivering a top-notch platform very seriously, and we invest everything we’ve got into building what we think is awesome software that delivers a trustworthy and intuitive experience. The only way to know if we’ve done what we set out to do is to ask our customers. So, we did.


Members Love Tradovate Technology


One review from an early customer who really knows modern technology let us know it’s all adding up.


The platform is a work of art.

I have showed it to a dozen of my developers and developer friends as a perfect example of consistent UX across web, OS X, iOS, tablet, etc. The reliability of the data stream and the stability of the DOM is second to none. I have never experienced such reliability in a browser based solution.

You have truly architected a masterpiece.

David K.


Tradovate’s Platform Provides a More Streamlined Experience


We want to make traders’ lives easier by spending less time figuring out how to use the platform and doing things like connecting market data feeds, and spending more time on what they really want to do: trading futures! We have seen some other platforms where it takes trader about a dozen steps just to try out a demo, and configuring the platform workspace looked like a mission to Mars. It’s actually a big reason we wanted to come to market with Tradovate and do things differently.


We knew that traders would appreciate someone paying attention to their desire for a seamless experience designed to put time back in their schedule, which is why we were ecstatic to see this from a customer who has been around the block with many different platforms before arriving at Tradovate:


With Tradovate, it is all ONE’s all seamless, all right in front of you on screen. Everything is in one place, and it’s probably the most impressive thing I have ever seen in the futures business.

Brian W.


Tradovate Listens to Members, and That Means Great Add-Ons


One thing we heard from some of our valuable customers was that they loved the platform but missed certain indicators or tools they desired. So, we added them. Our developers have been busy adding things like volume profile to view volume-at-price market data, market replay to go back in time to watch and trade a previous session with unfiltered tick data and full market depth, and powerful tools from third parties, like Jigsaw Trading.


We received compliments like the one below from customers who were happy that we listened to them and delivered something valuable:


It is great to have Tradovate to get the Jigsaw add-on. In my recent trades with Tradovate-Jigsaw, I feel the system is very stable and reliable, also the execution speed is fast. I appreciate Tradovate’s great work in bringing the high-quality product with appealing pricing structure to the retail trader.

Peter X.


It’s Time to Trade Futures with Tradovate


With more and more traders finding out about Tradovate’s unlimited commission-free trading, cloud-based trading platform, and seamless customer experience, there is no end in sight to the busy times at Tradovate. We are thrilled to be bringing a new value to active futures traders and delivering what they want.


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