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Sarah entered the financial industry in 2003 as Marketing Director for PTI Securities & Futures LP, a boutique securities firm in Chicago. Her role at PTI also included marketing the Stocks and Jocks with Tom Haugh and Dr. J radio show. From 2012-2014 Sarah was Marketing Manager for OptionsCity Software and she has spent time as an adjunct professor in DePaul University’s College of Communication. She has designed covers for academic textbooks in use at DePaul as well. She holds a BA in Illustration and an MA in New Media Studies and enjoys drawing, working out, and world travel. She lives in the Chicago Loop with her husband.
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Could These Innovations Disrupt Commodities?

Posted by Sarah McNabb on October 13, 2015 at 10:00 AM
Tech innovations evolving the futures industry influence product AND market pricing.

Invention shapes the futures market

In the 1840s, Chicago became a commercial center with railroad and telegraph lines connecting it with the East. Around this same time, the McCormick reaper was invented which eventually lead to higher wheat production. Midwest farmers came to Chicago to sell their wheat to dealers who, in turn, shipped it all over the country. This new method of commerce encouraged increased production and a more complex way of doing business produced new risks that needed to be managed along with the need for a robust way for discovering prices. Supply, demand, and their effect on market price brought this innovative form of commerce -- that we know today as the futures industry -- to life.


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A World of Opportunity: Recap of the MarketsWiki Summer Intern Series - Day 2

Posted by Sarah McNabb on August 18, 2015 at 5:00 AM


Once again this year MarketsWiki hosted their annual Summer Intern Series in Chicago and New York, events designed to provide students, interns, and those new to the financial industry with key points of career wisdom from a series of seasoned financial industry experts.


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Social Media and Financial Markets: New BFFs

Posted by Sarah McNabb on June 23, 2015 at 5:00 AM


Sharing, powering, and disrupting; Since its inception, these words have described social media’s relationship with the financial markets, a (relatively) new alliance that has blossomed into a full-blown friendship. Social media has developed a special “meta ubiquity” in finance as investors can trade social media stocks and options on the exchanges while using social data itself to help make decisions on strategies.

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