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New Micro & Nano SuperTech & Bloomberg FairX Futures

Posted by Tradovate on June 8, 2021 at 9:15 AM

Bloomberg - SuperTech - Blog Post - ImageFairX Futures Highly Correlated to Some of the Most Actively Traded Instruments 

Want to gain exposure to some of the most actively traded instruments in the US at a fraction of the cost? FairX is launching trading for new Micro & Nano Bloomberg Index futures and Micro & Nano SuperTech Index futures. The Bloomberg Large Cap Index tracks the largest 500 companies by market cap. But don’t stop there, stay on top of tech stocks with the new Futures SuperTech index, that tracks 15 of the largest and most liquid US Tech stocks in areas such as internet, semiconductor, electric vehicle manufacturer and consumer electronics. 


Micro & Nano Futures Contracts - What’s the Difference?

Last year Micro futures were introduced, which were 1/10th the size of the Standard Futures contract. Allowing traders to get into futures for lower costs. This year, not only is FairX introducing new Micro contracts, but they are also bringing to market a Nano contract. These Nano contracts are 1/100th the size of the standard futures contract. Both Micro & Nano contracts give traders a smaller, more affordable way to enter into these markets, giving traders more flexibility in their trading.


Smaller, Easier to Understand & More Affordable Futures

Let’s look closer at these cash settled Micro & Nano contracts from FairX. The contract unit for the Micros is $10 x the Index and Nanos is $100 x the index. And with easy to understand pricing of 10-cent and 1-cent price increments and multipliers of 10 and 100, every price move for both contracts equals $1. Initial margins are lower for these contracts as well, ranging from $100 for some of the Nano contracts to $1,000 for the Micros. Simple pricing makes it easier to understand what you are trading. 


FairX Futures Contract Specifications

Micro & Nano SuperTech Futures Contract Specifications


Commission-Free Futures - No More Fees

You can see the difference between them, and how you will be able to create your trading strategy to diversify your trading and add these smaller, lower margin contracts into your portfolio. Unlike other exchanges, FairX is offering you these indexes with No Market Data fees. Tradovate is offering you FairX futures Commission-Free and through the end of 2021, No non-pro exchange fees and No Clearing fees.  So if you Make a Buck - You Keep a Buck.

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